Rental Tools

Power swivels EVCO Power Swivels – 2.5 85-ton power swivel rated 50 tons @ 100 rpm with CAT 3054 diesel engine.
NOV S 2.5A 100 Ton Swivel

XK-100 Power Swivels

Pumps National Oilwell 340 pump w/4″ pistons, CAT C-9 375hp diesel, 7 speed transmission, hydraulic centrifugal pump – skid mounted.165 H.P. National pumps.
1000 HP Gardner Denver Pump
Pits 120-bbl steel pit w/2″ discharges and 4″ suction, skid mounted
Other equipment Stripper heads, Kelly valves, piping and connections.
Pickup Laydown Machine.
Blow-out preventers Manual, 3,000 psi working pressure with trailers Hydraulic, 5,000 psi working pressure, with closing
units and accumulators with trailers.
Hydril BOP’s
Testing stump
Cleaning steamer
600 series flanges, studs & nuts.
900 series flanges, studs & nuts.
7-5/8″ Larkin flanges
8-5/8″ Larkin flanges
7 -518″ Hideliter flanges
7-5/8″ Rector flanges
R45 ring gaskets
Fishing tools
Bailers Joints
Bit sub baskets (Reed, C-P, etc) Mills
Head baskets w/catchers Mud tanks
Head baskets w/catchers (Globe) Nipples
Pickup baskets w/drag teeth Overshots
Magnetic baskets Packer retriever
Diamond point fish tail bits Pipe
Cone type rock bits Running plate
Impression blocks Plugs
Tubing broaches Sand pump
Bumper subs -Bowen type Casing rollers
Top and crossover bushings Casing scrapers
Casing collars Rotary washover shoes
Tubing choke Spears
Clamps Spiders and slips
Lower Kelly cocks &safety valves Spools
Collars Stabilizers
Catwalks Strippers
Depthometers Subs
Surface driving tools Swages
Elevators Swedges
Flanges Swivels
Hoses Taps
Weight indicators Tongs
Jars Valves